About me 

      Alvin Qianhao Chen is an immersive experience designer and a product
designer who currently based on London and Shanghai .

      With the background of industrial design and engineering , Alvin has two years’ working practise on product design and service design cooperaction with Philips‘ medical  , Metabo and Indoor Entertainment Company .

      Taking the experiences of two year working periods ,  Alvin is now more focusing on immersive experience design. Combining self-taught computer science, psychology and material science abilities, Alvin is good at using speculative design and critical thinking, through multi-dimensional research and analysis and summary.
      Alvin also have sufficient experiences cooperate with professional performers , dancers , musicians ,psychologists and biological Scientists , which cooperative projects are also exhibited and performed around the world . Alvin always believes that by cooperating with professionals in different fields, the project can be in-depth, explored and excavated in multiple dimensions.
      Using various tools such as digital art visual and sound technology , immersive interior construction and 3D physical installations for creating unique interactive system  an experience design that mobilizes multiple senses.
      Alvin's projects have won the Red Dot Award, IF Award, UX Design Award and RCA * LG cooperation competition project finalist , and the project has been exhibited in Biodesign in the Netherlands, IRCAM in the Center Pompidou in France, Old Street Gallery and Ocean Leisure in London and London Design Week.



        Alvin 陈乾浩是一名体验设计师以及产品设计师,目前在伦敦和上海 。拥有工业设计与工程背景,Alvin曾与飞利浦、麦太保以及室内娱乐公司进行了长达两年的产品设计和服务设计合作经验。        
      Alvin同时也非常注重合作项目,拥有与专业表演家,舞蹈演员,音乐家,心理学家与生物医学家的深度项目合作经验。同时项目也在全球各地进行展出与表演呈现。Alvin 始终相信能够通过与不同领域的专业人士合作能够将项目在多维度进行深入,探索与挖掘。

         Alvin 的项目曾获得红点奖、IF奖、UX设计奖和RCA*LG合作竞赛项目最终参选名额 ,项目同时也曾经在荷兰的Biodesign、法国蓬皮杜艺术中心的IRCAM、伦敦的Old Street Gallery和Ocean Leisure以及伦敦设计周进行展出与表演。