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「   Alive  」

# Bio art design  & Installation & Multi media immersive

In Collaboration With Yijun Chen

Year : 2021

       “「 Alive 」” is a multi-media bio-art project that reflects the resilience of human life and the drive and hope to survive through the personal experience of a congenital heart disease patient who seeks medical treatment and self-help. The protagonist, who grew up in a poor area, travels to the countryside, big cities and medically advanced areas in order to survive, and eventually joins a similar cause to contribute to the cure for this disease.
       A lingering but still beating heart is placed in the centre as the main object, and its surface is covered with numerous patches, signifying the desire to live and be alive, even after all the setbacks and treatments it has suffered. Plasters made from different materials form the 'patches' that are sewn hard to the heart, creating larger scars in order to heal them.

       The addition of moving images reconstructs the whole story through artistic means while revealing the helplessness and heartache involved, with the blood vessels in the heart acting as a medium to link the relationships between them. This frail organ continues to tell its own story of what has happened to it and what the future may hold for it.

       The project is also a collaboration with biologist Dr. Alexander Seifalian from UCL , who is attempting to bring science to human medicine by means of growing its own cells in order to grow its own organ tissue to replace parts of a dead organ. The project is also working closely on the cultivation of human stem cells and reproductive organ cells based on a carbon micro-molecular architecture, which is expected to be of real benefit to mankind in the near future.
        “「 Alive 」”是一个多媒介融合的生物艺术项目,透过一位先天性心脏病患者的个人就医以及自救的经历,反映出人类顽强生生不息的生命与渴望存活的动力与希望。主人公从小生活在贫困地区,为了生存辗转反侧来到乡村,大城市,医疗先进地区,最终投身入同类事业中为了治愈该类疾病而贡献自己的一份力量。



           该项目同时也与正在和UCL生物学家Dr.Alexander Seifalian 合作,试图通过科学的手段将依托自身细胞生长从而达到培养自身器官组织替换坏死器官部分的手段逐渐带入人类医学中。目前也正在紧密合作,基于碳微分子架构来培养人体干细胞同时生殖器官细胞,相信在不久的将来能够真正造福人类。

Overall in exhibition Bio Design  

Exhibition version of overall

Exhibition version of video part

Detail of installations

A faintly beating heart installation

Bio material of different treatment modalities 

Director & project producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen  , Yijun Chen

Sound & Moving image producer : Yijun Chen

Installation & Bio design producer : Alvin Qianhao Chen

Visual producer : Alvin Qianhao Chen

Project advisor:  Charlotte Jarvis ,  Dr. Alexander Seifalian

Project developed at:  Royal College of Art White City  ,  Royal College of Art Battersea

Project exhibited on : Royal College of Art White City ,  Bio design Ceremony

Special thanks:  Xuchen An , Anran Yang ,Yijun Chen