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「   Conflict or Union  」

# Sculpture & Environmental care & Installation

In Collaboration With Liangqia Huang , Ya Feng , Penghui Jiang ,
Xianru Wang and Yihui Guan

Sponsored by United Nations , The British Academy ,  Ocean Leisure

Year : 2022

       “「 Conflict or Union 」” is an experimental, critical and ongoing group project that aims to raise awareness and raise awareness of marine conservation. In collaboration with the United Nations Oceans Protection Organisation, the project aims to advocate for how marine life can work together to save themselves and each other in the future when the marine environment is destroyed by humans in 2050. As seals, we have chosen to work with a divided group of fishermen in a confrontational and ultimately compromising alliance that has been forged over time and with our respective interests at stake. 
       The project is a multi-person collaborative project, which was initially explored through different experiments, in order to present a scenario in which two different races of fishermen and seals compete with each other for profit and with each other and with other races, we set up props and installations for a simple theatre experiment, and at the same time reveal that even in such a difficult and degrading situation, each of them still has their own agenda.

        In the final presentation, we present the conflict, the contradiction and the compromise for a better future as a whole in the sculpture, while using the common manifesto as a way for the two races to work together, to seek common ground while satisfying the interests of each, and ultimately to work for a better future. It is hoped that this will serve as a way to advocate for the future of ecological conservation and the coexistence of multiple species in the ocean.

        “「 Conflict or Union 」”是一个实验性的批判性持续小组项目,旨在对于海洋环境保护进行宣传与警示。该项目与联合国海洋保护组织合作,来倡导对于未来2050年海洋环境被人类大肆破坏海洋生态后,海洋生物如何相互协同进行自救与互救。作为海豹的我们选择与充满分歧的渔民阵营进行合作,在充满着对抗与最终妥协合作中,而其背后由于时间的推演与各自利益的磨合则是最终形成联盟的最根本缘由。



Final Installation on exhibiton

Details for separate parts

Manifesto and badge visual design

Sketch brief for “Union”


Experimental Videos for “ Conflict or Union “ 

Experimental Performance for “Conflict”   

Director & Producer: Alvin Qianhao Chen , Liangqia Huang , Ya Feng , Penghui Jiang , Xianru Wang , Yihui Guan

Script producer : Alvin Qianhao Chen , Ya Feng , Xianru Wang

Sound producer : Yihui Guan 

Sculpture display producer : Alvin Qianhao Chen , Liangqia Huang  , Ya Feng , Xianru Wang , Yihui Guan

Visual producer : Liangqia Huang , Penghui Jiang

Project advisor:  Nirit Binyamini Ben Meir ,  Dr . Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa , Dr. Danielle Barrios-O'Neill

Project developed at:  Royal College of Art White City 

Project exhibited on : Ocean Leisure , London

Special thanks:  Everyone in the group