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「   Family Chronic Disease Management System  」

# System Design & Product Engineering Design

Year : 2020 - 2021

       “「 Family Chronic Disease Management system 」” is a product development project for home chronic disease management terminal equipment that I participated in during my tenure at Advantech Co. Ltd. The project mainly cooperates with Philips and BOE, aiming to provide real-time docking terminals for middle-aged and old-aged home patients to connect with the regional hospitals for chronic disease management as well as for daily use needs.

        Different from the existing product system, the electronic ink screen and supporting the new real-time system, will be in the power saving at the same time can also have a new visual experience and lower cost and procurement budget.
Various types of home robots and other supporting equipment electronic display products and terminals are closely linked to each other to form a closed loop system that makes their management and operation more convenient.

         The project has already been implemented in various street hospitals and nursing homes in China, making the products more convenient for the daily use, management and communication of the elderly and staff while being environmentally friendly and low energy consumption. The ergonomics and interaction of the product have been tested to make it extremely easy to use and to meet the daily cleaning needs.
         “「 Family Chronic Disease Management system  」” 是我在Advantech Co. Ltd. 任职期间参与的居家慢病管理终端设备产品研发项目,该项目主要与飞利浦和BOE合作,旨在为中老年居家患者实时对接地区医院进行慢病管理同时日常使用需求的对接终端。




Ink screen terminal display device and controller

Ink Screen Terminal Display Equipment and Identification Transmission Terminal

Ink Screen Terminal Display Equipment and Communication Equipment Analysis Chart

Multiple views of endpoint chronic disease management robots

Handheld PDA terminal communication equipment for medical staff

Personal Terminal Communications Nameplate

Factory test adjustments to exterior and interior

Schematic diagram of on-site implementation of specific landed projects

Director & project producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen , Xiaoyong Chen

Research producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen

Visual producer : Mi Zhang , Alvin Qianhao Chen

Project leader :Xiaoyong Chen , Meng Wang 

Cooperating company : Advantech Co., Ltd. ,  Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Project developed at:  Shanghai Jingan District , China