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「   Freezing frozen  」

# User Experiences  & System Design & User Interface

In Collaboration With Amazon

Year : 2021

       “「 Freezing frozen 」” is a system service design that aims to find ways of interaction and functions that are not convenient enough and against the laws of life in the present time of high AI intelligence. The project focuses on the online shopping model, where algorithmic recommendations and public choice lead to many mis-recommendations, and where disposable and low-cost goods are mostly discarded by consumers and cause a great deal of waste and environmental damage.

      Based on this phenomenon, through in-depth research on the Amazon.com app and user data analysis and user research analysis, the concept of a "cooling-off period" was optimised to allow for a certain period of time after payment based on the value of the product, so that the product could be returned quickly and immediately on its own initiative, thus fundamentally reducing redundant manpower and the problem of commodity waste and consumption. waste and consumption.
         “「 Freezing frozen 」”是一个系统服务设计,旨在寻找在高速AI智能发展的当下依旧有很多不足以便利的方式与反生活法则的交互方式与功能。该项目主要聚焦在在线购物模式上,由于算法的推荐以及大众的选择,会导致很多误推荐,作为一次性消耗品与成本相对低的商品,大多被消费者所弃用并造成很大程度上的浪费与环境破坏。


User Interface design

User journey map cover design 


Data Analysis and visualization based on interview and research

Data summary extraction keywords

System prototyping design

Director & project producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen 

Research producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen

Interview host : Alvin Qianhao Chen

Project advisor:  Angus Main

Project developed at:  Royal College of Art White City