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「   Hospital Intelligent Terminal System  」

# System Design & User Experience & Medical System Design

Year : 2020 - 2021

       “「 Hopsital Intelligent Terminal System 」” is a user experience service design project I worked on during my tenure at Advantech Co. The project was designed to provide a full station electronic information system for the hospital, including a system terminal ink screen device (in collaboration with BOE) and a real-time information communication system to meet the needs of the hospital in a fast and efficient manner while saving energy.

      Unlike existing systems, the electronic ink screen and its new real-time system will save power and provide a new visual experience at a lower cost and procurement budget. Thanks to the refresh capability of the ink screen, the refresh frequency and time can be adjusted according to demand and the ward management and consultation areas can be organically separated to meet the needs of daily disinfection.

      The system and the accompanying terminals can also be used in schools and libraries, with the implementation and use of different sizes and models of equipment, combined with the design and adaptation of the UI to meet real-time requirements to form a stand-alone system that works together.
         “「 Hopsital Intelligent Terminal System 」”是我在Advantech Co. Ltd. 任职期间参与用户体验服务设计项目,该项目主要与飞利浦和BOE合作,旨在为医院提供全站式配套电子信息系统,包括系统终端水墨屏设备(与BOE合作)以及信息交互实时传达系统,在节能的同时最大程度上满足医院内快速,高效的需求。



Hospital E-Intelligence system design overall

Hospital E-Intelligence system terminal use scenario

E-Intelligence system terminal user interface design

Director & project producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen , Xiaoyong Chen

Research producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen

Visual producer : Mi Zhang , Alvin Qianhao Chen

Project leader :Xiaoyong Chen , Meng Wang 

Cooperating company : Advantech Co., Ltd. ,  Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Project developed at:  Shanghai Jingan District , China