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「   Invisible Reinvention  」

# Real time generating & Interactive Systerm & Installation

In Collaboration With Mengyun Xie , Yijun Chen and Yuting Xue

Sponsored by Royal College of Art & LG Display

Year : 2022

       “「 Invisible Reinvention 」” is an interactive video installation that is formed of three parts.  Part 1 - A moving image,  showing an overview of the three future environments. Part 2 - Interactive installations with distance sensors, showing how the three physical carbon sequestrations within the environment might look like. Part 3 - Three moving images, showing the three processes of future environmental carbon sequestration. They also show how CO2 can be combined with technology to form weird and special carbon sequestration products in ocean, soil and rocks.

        Human activities have caused the increase of CO2 emissions and environmental problems. Different technologies have been developed to control and reduce CO2 emissions. Our project 'Invisible Reinvention' is based on one of the technologies - Carbon Sequestration.

        We have chosen ocean, soil and rocks as the design background as these three environments can store the largest amount of CO2 in nature. And we have added organic and inorganic elements required by each environment artificially in order to create more carbon sequestration products and to build an eco-friendly future.

        We hope that by viewing our work, it will lead the audience to think: 'Can humans use technology to coexist with the environment? Can technology be more environmental friendly and sustainable in the future?’

        “「 Invisible Reinvention 」”是一个互动视频装置,由三部分组成。 第一部分为一个移动的图像,显示三个未来环境的概况。第二部分为带有距离传感器的互动装置,展示了三种环境中的物理碳封存的情况。环境中的物理碳封存可能是什么样子。第三部分为三个动态图影像,显示未来环境碳封存的三个过程。它们还展示了二氧化碳如何与技术相结合,以及在海洋、土壤和岩石中形成奇怪和特殊的碳封存产品。

        人类活动造成了二氧化碳排放的增加和环境问题。问题。为了控制和减少二氧化碳的排放,已经开发了不同的技术。排放。我们的项目 "无形的重塑 "是基于其中的一项技术--碳封存。碳封存。


        我们希望通过观看我们的作品,能够引导观众思考:"人类是否可以利用 技术来与环境共存?技术能否在未来更加环保 在未来,技术能否更加环保和可持续?

Overall installation in Exhibition 

Interactive real - time video 

Interactive moving images created by houdini    

Interaction installation details

Detail Images of installation

Director & Producer: Alvin Qianhao Chen ,Mengyun Xie , Yijun Chen , Yuting Xue

Visual producer : Alvin Qianhao Chen , Mengyun Xie , Yuting Xue 

Sound producer : Alvin Qianhao Chen  , Yuting Xue

Interactive system producer : Yijun Chen , Tiangu

Project advisor:  Dr. Yiyun Kang , Nestor Pestana

Project developed at:  Royal College of Art White City 

Project exhibited on : Old Street Gallery , London

Special thanks:  Tiangu  Liu