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「   Theme Park Architectual Design  」

# Amusement park design & Overall planning and design

Year : 2019 - 2020

       “「 Theme Park Architectual Design 」”  is a series of outdoor amusement park design and amusement facilities design projects that I assisted Harry, the design director, to complete during my time at Shanghai Tongyun Amusement Company.

        I was mainly responsible for working with the marketing department and the client to meet the project requirements, as well as working with Harry to complete a series of first drafts of the overall design and layout of the project, and then negotiating with the client and handing over to the visualisation department for the production of the 3D model.

        The overall design starts with the selection of standard or customised play equipment based on the client's proposed budget, followed by the design of the overall playground layout, with additional greenery, rest areas and other additions.

        This series of work has been carried out in collaboration with some of the major amusement companies such as Disney and property developers, and some of the projects have already been implemented.

         “「 Theme Park Architectual Design 」” 是我在上海童韵娱乐公司工作期间协助设计总监Harry共同完成的一系列室外游乐场所的整体园区规划设计与游乐设施设计规划。




Amusement park masterplan section hand-drawn draft

Overhead equipment layout of the amusement park masterplan

Custom ride masterplan with front view

Illustrative diagram of the materials used in the overall construction of the customised play equipment

Hand-drawn renderings of some other customised equipment

Conceptual hand drawing of the overall project plan and equipment respectively

Director & project producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen  ,  Harry Tolentino ,  Xuan Xu

Research producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen 

Project leader :Harry Tolentino ,  Edward Wang

Cooperating company : Funlandia Amusement Solutions Company  , Shanghai

Project developed at:  Shanghai JiaDing New District , China