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「                               」

# Immersive Experience & Installation & Audio - Visual

Year : 2023

          “「                             」” is an immersive experience installation with a combination with real time interacting system ,  physical installation and real time generating moving images . This is an open - topic project which mainly talking about why and how human can fully mobilize curiosity in exploring and planning for the future through their own personal experiences . This project is also a new experiment with only guidelines‘ installation with no limitation , let the audiences to explore by themself through the whole journey and generating their own unique insights and ideas through what have seen and heard . 

         The project is inspired by my exploration of immersion. Through my exploration of multi interactive forms and media , I think that immersion not only requires the necessary integration and synergy of multiple media , while also need to give audiences  space to imagine their own personal experiences and combine with their journey to create their own unique immersive experience .

         I also cooperated with psychologist , taking the fear and unease about what might happen in the future when human beings use curiosity to explore as the main topic for the installation : Constraint, Abyss, Gaze . All three parts was being set up for the audiences to feel a more subtle sense of tension or ambiguity instead of feeling fear . 

       The project consists of three dynamic real-time interactive installations and a 'meditation space' made of curved screens combined with real-time interaction to create an immersive space. The audience will first walk through a corridor with guiding lights to get used to the darkness.  Once inside the space, the audience is guided by the lights around the screen and will experience a multi-sensory experience as they explore the installation one by one , culminating in feedback in the 'meditation space'.  The audience will be able to explore the installation in an immersive and multisensory way. 

        “「                             」” 是一个沉浸式的体验装置项目,结合了实时互动系统、物理装置和实时生成的移动图像。这是一个开放性的项目,主要讨论的是人类为什么以及如何通过自己的亲身经历充分调动好奇心去探索和规划未来。这个项目同时也是一个全新的探索,只有引导探索的装置,没有任何限制,观众需要通过整个沉浸式旅程自我探索,透过所见所闻产生自己独特的见解和想法。



        该项目由三个动态的实时互动装置和一个由弯曲的屏幕组成的 "冥想空间 "组成,与实时互动相结合,创造一个沉浸式空间。观众将首先走过一个带有引导灯的走廊,以适应黑暗的环境。 一旦进入空间,观众在屏幕周围的灯光引导下,将体验到一种多感官的体验,他们将逐一探索装置,最终在 "冥想空间 "中获得反馈。 观众将能够以一种沉浸式和多感官的方式探索这个装置。

Overall view of whole space

Overall space plan and brief map

First-person view of the whole process

Performance cooperation video 

Details of the dynamic installation

Interaction detail with installation

Director & Producer: Alvin Qianhao Chen

Sound design and music: Alvin Qianhao Chen

Visual producer : Jiali Qian

Interactive system producer : Alvin Qianhao Chen & Bryan Yueshen Wu

Psychologist advisor  : Yiyun Shi

Collaborative performer : Shuojie Wang

Project advisor: Dr. Dave Meckin

Project developed at:  Royal College of Art White City 

Project exhibited in : RCA 2023 Final Show , Truman Brewery , London

Special thanks: Jiali Qian , Ziyu Wang , Xuchen An , Aijia Sun , Bryan Yueshen Wu