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「   Armorial Bearings  」

# Real time generating  & Performance & Multi media immersive

In Collaboration With Jiarong Yu , Sizhe Fang and Siyu Chen

Sponsored by Central Pompidou

Year : 2022

       “「 Armorial Bearings 」” is an immersive exploration performance project that aims to be a visual and aural feast of nature exploration through collaboration with performers and musicians. As humans explore the unknown depths of the forest, the forest also explores and senses the traces of humans, and through the dancers' delivery and presentation, and the background of the real-time interactive installation, a subtle and gradual integration of each other is created, eventually reaching a certain balance and merging the two.
       This project was the first multi-dimensional collaboration between me and the cellist, pianist and dancer, and I was responsible for the visuals and overall control. The visual elements of the project were generated in real time by the AI, and with the dancer's gestural control and her own reflection, creating a unique, simple but very integrated visual effect. At the same time, as time passes, the exploration moves deeper and deeper into the abyss, while also providing feedback and reflection on the self.

        A live duo of cellists and pianists is one of the most important parts of the project, with the naturally collected sounds being reconstructed in real time and reconstructed in real time, blending with the different nature animal sounds controlled by the performers in real time to create each other. The sounds of the three different worlds synergise, collaborate and blend with each other to create a unique piece of music.

      The unknown is always an abyss, but the human race will never stop exploring, and every step you take will continue to yield feedback and rewards, while nature can sense your presence and help you to take the next step, or what is needed. Even if you don't get anything in the moment, it's a precious memory for your future self, so step up and keep the courage and mind to keep exploring.

        “「 Armorial Bearings 」”是一个沉浸式探索表演项目,旨在通过与表演家与音乐家的合作进行一场探索自然的视觉与听觉盛宴。当人类在不断探索未知的森林深处时,森林也在探索感知着人类的踪迹,而透过舞者的传递与呈现,与实时交互装置的背景融合,相互之间产生着微妙的逐渐相互融入的境界,最终到达一定的平衡并两者相互融合。




Live performance on Central Pompidou  

Collaborative rehearsal moment

Recording period process

Interaction system buliding through TouchDesigner

Whole team for this project

Director & Project Leader : Alvin Qianhao Chen 

Sound producer : Sizhe Fang , Siyu Chen

Live performaner: Alvin Qianhao Chen , Jiarong Yu , Sizhe Fang , Siyu Chen

Visual producer : Alvin Qianhao Chen

Project advisor:  Dr. Matt Lewis

Project developed at:  Royal College of Art Battersea , Royal College of Music 

Project exhibited on : Central Pompidou

Special thanks:  Bryan Yueshen Wu , Laura Selby , Yixuan Bai , Yue Miao