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「   Charging Pile Design  」

# Product Design & Engineering & Intelligent shared facilities

Year : 2021

       “「 Charging Pile Design 」” is a is a product design project for a future shared tram charging device, a project I created for a Chinese company specialising in IoT shared devices. The project aims to use a more aesthetically pleasing cost combined with the company's own battery pack to create a shared electric car charger that can be used in large numbers on the road and at rest stops.

      Through research and analysis of the majority of electric vehicles on the market, the appearance of the vehicle has been made simple in order to facilitate daily use on the motorway, to facilitate battery replacement and to protect it from rain and dust, as well as to take into account daily use and the interaction with the public perception.

     The project cannot be shown in full detail due to the patented internal structure and appearance. The project is currently in the stage of mass installation and popularisation, and is being used as a future smart shared charging device in cooperation with the State Grid of China and also in deep cooperation with various car companies, where it will be continuously used in infrastructure construction.

         “「 Charging Pile Design 」”是一个未来共享电车充电设备的产品设计项目,是我为中国一个专业物联网共享设备的企业创作的项目。该项目旨在利用更美观的成本与该企业自研电池组相结合,制作一款在公路与休息站能够大量普及的共享电动汽车充电器。



Practical use demonstration

Three views of the product

Three views of the product plan B 


Rough manuscript concept scheme

Director & project producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen 

Research producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen

Project leader :Longsheng Xie , Lin Zhang

Cooperating company : Shanghai Heitao Shared Charging Ltd

Project developed at:  Shanghai Baoshan District , China