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「   Metabo Power Tool Design  」

# Product Design & Engineering & Modular Design

Year : 2021

       “「 Metabo Power Tool Design 」” is a project that I worked on with metabo during my time at Merit Link, which included commercial interfacing, domestic product optimisation, new product updates and catalogue production. The project was based on the design and optimisation of different power tools for gardening, home and woodworking, using metabo's interchangeable batteries as the basis for the project.
         The design is based on a universal battery compartment that combines different power tools, thus optimising the entire product line and making it more environmentally friendly and durable. We are constantly optimising our power tools for everyday use, so that they can be operated in a more user-friendly way.

         Metabo Germany was the main party responsible for the project, and I was responsible for the coordination of the project and the development of the design.

         “「 Metabo Power Tool Design 」”是我在Merit Link公司工作期间与metabo对接的项目,包含为其负责进行商业业务对接,国内产品优化,新产品更新以及项目目录册制作。该项目主要以metabo的产品可替换共用电池为主导,进行不同园林,家用与木工的电动工具的设计与改良优化。



Schematic diagram of the Metabo dust collector and scenarios of use

Schematic diagram of the Metabo dust collector model

Internal design construction

Other supporting equipment effect diagram 

Metabo torch equipment rendering

Rough sketch of metabo water pump

Director & project producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen 

Research producer  : Alvin Qianhao Chen

Project leader :Zhimin Lu , Yuxi Lu 

Cooperating company : Merit Link Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd.  , Shanghai ,  Metabowerke GmbH

Project developed at:  Shanghai Jingan District , China